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Taking Care of Mom and Dad

At the beginning of your life, your parents take care of you, but when you reach middle age, the tables turn, and you need to take care of your parents. That can involve helping your parents to find an assisted living facility or a nursing home. To quickly explain, assisted living is independent living with a bit of extra help such as a group lunch room or an emergency alert system in each apartment. A nursing home, in contrast, provides comprehensive care for patients with a wide range of issues from dementia to arthritis. This blog is designed to help you make those tough decisions. It's also going to include posts on home health care, staying in touch with relatives in nursing homes, and more. I wish you the best through this sometimes difficult part of the journey with your parents.


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Information To Review When Choosing A Senior Living Community

The decision about choosing a senior living community can be one of the most consequential choices that you can make. Unfortunately, those that are making the decision to move into a senior living community may not be sure of what they should be considering when evaluating all of the potential communities in their area. 

Information About Medical Services

Seniors will often have a range of medical needs that will have to be met to provide them with a high-quality life. One of the first considerations when it comes to a potential senior living community should be whether its medical capabilities meet your needs. Some of the communities may have doctors and specialists on staff for residents while others may only have healthcare professionals that only visit periodically. Those with intense medical needs should prepare a list of the care that they will need so that the staff can evaluate whether they have the capabilities to provide the needed care.

Activity Schedules

In order to provide residents with the highest standard of living, these communities will often have events and activities for residents. This can involve social gatherings, classes, day trips, and numerous other activities. However, the particular activities that are available will vary, and you should request a copy of the activity schedule so that you can compare the offerings among the various options that are available to you. It is important to request a current activity schedule so that you can be sure that you are reviewing the most current information available.

Pictures Of The Grounds

While you are touring the grounds, you should attempt to take pictures of the common areas and the sample room that you will be shown. Individuals will often have difficulty keeping the features of the various properties that they have toured separate. This is particularly true for individuals that are suffering from memory health issues as they may forget most or all of the details of the facilities that they have seen.

Accepted Insurance Providers

There can be sizable costs with providing care for a senior, and individuals will often need to use insurance in order to easily pay for this type of care. Each senior living community will have its own policies concerning insurance, and the carriers that they will accept. Once you have verified that your chosen center accepts your insurance carrier, you should speak with your agent so that you can be absolutely sure about what type of assistance you can expect in paying for this care.