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At the beginning of your life, your parents take care of you, but when you reach middle age, the tables turn, and you need to take care of your parents. That can involve helping your parents to find an assisted living facility or a nursing home. To quickly explain, assisted living is independent living with a bit of extra help such as a group lunch room or an emergency alert system in each apartment. A nursing home, in contrast, provides comprehensive care for patients with a wide range of issues from dementia to arthritis. This blog is designed to help you make those tough decisions. It's also going to include posts on home health care, staying in touch with relatives in nursing homes, and more. I wish you the best through this sometimes difficult part of the journey with your parents.


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2 Ways To Help Your Aging Parent With Alzheimer's Disease

Has your mother or father recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease? This type of dementia causes individuals to lose their memory as well as their ability to do things that were once easy for them to do. Although it's a rough diagnosis to deal with, there are ways to be there for your loved one during this difficult time. It's important to be there for your loved one and to have patience when he or she has forgetful moments.

Create a Memory Box

When a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, they may already have a difficult time trying to remember different things as well as different people. It's important to have patience and to avoid getting upset with your parent. One way for you to help your loved one would be to create a memory box.

The memory box could include pictures of every important moment that has ever happened in his or her life, including your parent's wedding, the day each child was born, the day each grandchild was born, and any other significant moments. You could write on the back of the photos with simple details about the memory. It would be nice for your loved one to have this memory box to open and look through whenever he or she would like to do so.

Consider a Nursing Home

If you're having a tough time with your parent now that he or she has this disease, you might need extra assistance. You may be afraid to leave your loved one at home alone while you're at work. Instead of worrying each day about what's happening while you're gone, you may want to consider finding a nursing home for your parent.

There are some nursing homes designed specifically for men and women with Alzheimer's disease. The caretakers may offer various memory care activities to your parent in addition to the traditional services, such as help with bathing, help with preparing meals, and help with getting around. You would need to look at the options, do some research on what these nursing homes have to offer to your parent, and then take tours of the various facilities before you decide on the right one for your loved one.

Helping an aging parent with Alzheimer's disease isn't always easy, but it's important to remain patient and to do what you can to help. Creating a memory box and looking into nursing homes with caretakers who can help your loved one around the clock are two of the different ways to assist your loved one. Contact company like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living for more information and assistance.