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At the beginning of your life, your parents take care of you, but when you reach middle age, the tables turn, and you need to take care of your parents. That can involve helping your parents to find an assisted living facility or a nursing home. To quickly explain, assisted living is independent living with a bit of extra help such as a group lunch room or an emergency alert system in each apartment. A nursing home, in contrast, provides comprehensive care for patients with a wide range of issues from dementia to arthritis. This blog is designed to help you make those tough decisions. It's also going to include posts on home health care, staying in touch with relatives in nursing homes, and more. I wish you the best through this sometimes difficult part of the journey with your parents.


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3 Ways To Help Your Senior Parent Adapt To Their Nursing Home

For many seniors, moving into a nursing home is the best way to enjoy a high quality of life while also getting to benefit from on-site medical care. Moving into an assisted living facility can also be a difficult transition, however, and as an adult child it may be hard to know exactly how to make the transition easier. Here are three practical things you can do to help you aging parent make a positive and stress-free move into a nursing home:

Empower Them to Choose the Best Nursing Home

One thing that makes moving into a nursing home difficult for many seniors is that it can feel like they are losing their independence and autonomy. A great way to help counteract this is to empower your aging parent to have as much say as possible in the nursing home they move into. First, help them create a realistic monthly budget, and then narrow down the list of potential nursing homes to only include the homes you and your parent can afford. This will prevent the tension that results from looking at amazing facilities that are out of reach financially.

Next, talk to your parent about the amenities that are most important to them. Nursing homes vary a lot when it comes to things like gourmet meals, community fitness classes and group activities, frequency of organized outings, etc. Helping your parent find a nursing home that meets their preferences and needs will make their transition much more pleasant.

Offer Practical Help

Moving into a nursing home can also be overwhelming simply from a logistical standpoint, and this is another area where you can help a lot. This may mean helping your parent de-clutter and pare down their belongings, hiring packers and movers, or helping them purchase items and decorations for their new assisted living apartment. By helping in these ways, you will be doing something concrete to make your parent's move feel much less stressful.

Keep Things Positive

If your own attitude toward the nursing home is anxious or negative, this will rub off on your parent. Instead, aim to keep things upbeat and positive. Point out how nice it will be for your parent to no longer have to do their own yard work, cooking, or deep cleaning. Mention the features and amenities of the nursing home and how nice they are. A positive attitude can be contagious and make a big difference in how your parent feels about their upcoming move.

Moving into a nursing home after many decades of independent living can be challenging for your senior parent. By following these tips and proactively making your parent's transition more positive, you will gain more peace of mind. Contact a home, like Regina Nursing Center, for more help.